X-GuardEBS is an efficient system for protecting ATMs against burglars seeking to acquire money by blowing up an ATM with explosive gas.


With the help of an innovative innovative system for detecting the presence of flammable gases (FDUs), the system detects the presence of at least 3% of the amount of concentration needed for the explosion. Immediately after the detection of the presence of a hazardous gas, a system is triggered which prevents the concentration of gas in the ATM from reaching a level which could cause an explosion. The system works for a few minutes after the last gas concentration has been detected and reacts again after the cessation of operation, in case the gas intake attempt is repeated regardless of the number of repetitions. At the same time, the system also automatically notifies the security service of the attempt to break into the ATM.

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X-GuardEBS system protects people and property. X-GuardEBS system is designed to protect all ATMs located in locations where burglars have easy access to ATMs. This includes ATMs at service stations, shops, bank lobbies, bus stations, autonomous ATM units ... So, wherever we want to prevent the occurrence of damage on objects where ATMs are located, and to prevent possible serious injuries to random passers-by.


X-GuardEBS ATM system for protection against explosive gas consists of a control unit that connects sensors for the early detection of the presence of an explosive gas mixture and units that prevent the spread of gas through the ATM and thus the level of concentration required for the explosion. The system can be connected to practically any existing alarm system in the ATM. Additional backup power supply also ensures autonomous operation in the event of a power failure. The system can be embedded in new or existing ATMs, and the system can be moved from one ATM to another. The installation of the system is simple and does not interfere with the operation of the ATM, nor does it damage the ATM components.