304, 2019

Nova spletna stran

Z veseljem sporočamo, da smo popolnoma prenovili spletno stran. Dodali smo kar nekaj novih vsebin, fotografij in posnetkov. Nova spletna stran se nahaja na domeni www.xguard.si, dostopna pa je tudi preko domene www.i-5.si in www.i-5.eu kot do sedaj. Vljudno vabljeni, da nas obiščete.

Meeting SIGBANK 2018

22. 11. 2018|

At the SIGBANK 2018 meeting in Zagreb, upon a special invitation, we held a lecture on the protection ATMs against [...]

A robber was captured using the X-GuardS

22. 11. 2018|

This week, a post office was robbed in the area of the Celje Police Directorate. https://www.celje.info/kronika/nov-rop-poste-v-celju/ This time too, a [...]

Golden AAA

4. 7. 2018|

We are proud that our new Certificate of Excellence with three golden AAAs means we are included in a circle [...]

Declaration of Conformity

8. 3. 2017|

The Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology has given us a certificate of conformity for X-GuardS and X-GuardM products, and [...]

We develop, we create

1. 12. 2016|

We are proud to receive the first order for the HP Mobile Data Center. It is an extremely modern mobile [...]

Expansion to the Croatian market

1. 11. 2016|

Our good reputation has also reached Croatia. With the company Protekta d.o.o. from Zagreb, we have reached an agreement on [...]

X-Guardpro now X-GuardM

4. 1. 2016|

The X-GuardPro system is becoming even more reliable. We have modified and improved the security features of the system to [...]

New - X-GuardS

1. 1. 2016|

We renewed and improved the i5EAP system and changed the name that is now sold under the brand name X-GuardS. [...]

X-Guard is becoming recognizable

28. 12. 2015|

We are becoming recognizable and our security systems prove efficiency. At the end of 2015, i5 d.o.o. can boast a [...]

Proud sponsors of NK Maribor

30. 9. 2015|

We proudly announce that we have concluded a sponsorship contract with NK Maribor and have entered the world of sports as sponsors.

Innovative solutions X-Guardpro

14. 4. 2014|

The result of the innovative thinking of experts from our company, i5 d.o.o. has developed a modern system for the protection [...]

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